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Informações de Cronos's Servitor Mumu (Level 34)

Tipo: Animals HP: 156584
Título: Raid Boss Physical Atk: 187
Atenção: Passivo Magic Atk: 26
Experiência: 1001975 Velocidade: 275
SP: 100648 Área de vísão e/ou ataque: 40
Fraquezas e Skills de Cronos's Servitor Mumu
Animals Animals  These general animals are hunted by humanoids. They sometimes attack humanoids, but only to defend themselves or their territory. 
Raid Boss Raid Boss  If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all. 
Raid Boss - Level 34 Raid Boss - Level 34  He sneaked into Innadril where Eva's religion was widely practiced, and caused confusion by threatening the Goddess of Water's followers. The servant of Elder Cronos lives in the Hunters' Village. In order to obtain ingredients for the wonder drug of happiness that Cronos is making, he came to Innadril. After losing himself in daydreams of the world, Mumu forgot why he came here, and hasn't returned to Cronos because he is afraid of being scolded. 

Drops de Cronos's Servitor Mumu

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Ícone Nome Chance(Rate 1x) Quantidade Detalhes
Light Crossbow Light Crossbow 1/23 1 - 1 Detalhes 
Light Crossbow Shaft Light Crossbow Shaft 1/1 3 - 9 Detalhes 
Sage's Rag Sage's Rag 1/8 1 - 1 Detalhes 
Sage's Rag Lining Sage's Rag Lining 1/2 12 - 36 Detalhes 
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C) Scroll: Enchant Armor (C) 1/3 12 - 36 Detalhes