Lineage 2 Brasil

O título de nobre é adquirido após possuir uma subclasse no nível 75 ou superior. Através de uma quest rigorosa é possível obter certas vantagens que só os jogadores com esse status possuem. Confira mais sobre o sistema de Noblesse clicando aqui.

Noblesse Skills
Noblesse Blessing Noblesse Blessing Buff/debuff effects are retained after death. However, Noblesse Blessing and Lucky Charm are lost as normal. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore. 1 0 69 400
Summon CP Potion Summon CP Potion Summons 20 Greater CP Potions. Consumes 50 Soul Ore. 1 0 412 0
Fortune of Noblesse Fortune of Noblesse Decreases the chance of suffering death penalties if killed during a Boss or Raid War. Consumes 4 A-Grade Lucky Charms. Effect 6. 1 0 275 0
Harmony of Noblesse Harmony of Noblesse Borrows power from the four energy forces to launch a devastating elemental attack over an area. Power 250. 1 0 50 700
Symphony of Noblesse Symphony of Noblesse Borrows power from eight energy forces to launch a devastating elemental attack over an area. Power 400. 1 0 80 700
Build Advanced Headquarters Build Advanced Headquarters Establishes a siege headquarters with double HP that aids in the recovery and dispatch of clan members to the frontline during a siege. Requires 300 Gemstones: C-Grade. 1 0 30 0
Strider Siege Assault Strider Siege Assault Strider's powerful attack on castle gate and wall. Can only be used while one is riding on a strider. Consumes 5 spirit ores. Power 15005. 1 0 168 40
Wyvern Aegis Wyvern Aegis Temporarily but significantly increases P. Def, M. Def. and resistance to debuff attacks. Usable only while mounted on a Wyvern. Consumes 20 Spirit Ore. Effect 3. 1 0 69 0